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It’s Not Just a Passing Phase for Men

Ejaculatory problems are often thought to be a teenager’s problem. That if he was just more aware of his arousal, the problem would go away. But the hard pill to swallow is, most men suffer from ejaculatory problems in the course of their lifespan -affecting their ability to perform, produce high semen volume, orgasm and satisfy in bed

Dr. Ian Kerner, who has written a paper on the topic of “Premature Ejaculation”, says that “sexual cripples.” 

Ejaculatory problems make them feel like they are not in control, causing them with distress and lack of satisfaction for them and their partners.

Some would give up on a normal sex life . They would compensate to satisfy each other.  

For PW, a man troubled with PE, tried many treatments with his girlfriend. But none of them work, until eventually, his girlfriend broke up with him. 

Men with ejaculatory problems become plagued with feelings of distress and feelings of failure. The more they are obsessed with their feelings of shortcomings, the worse they get focused on each other’s thoughts and feelings with harsh self-criticism. 

They feel inadequate to fulfill a relationship, causing them to avoid emotional and physical intimacy. With this widening distance between them, it holds them back from their partners. 

Their partners, in turn, would feel frustrated, rejected and neglected. They would internalize the distance to be their own faults and shortcomings which then worsens the men’s guilt, stress and sexual anxiety. Their partners would further feel unhappy because the men would focus more on their own sexual performance than their partners’ needs such as foreplay, romancing and expressing affection.

Even if they have found partners that didn’t mind their ejaculatory problems, men should still seek treatment. 

Ejaculatory problems can affect a man, particularly, his self-esteem and relationships. 

Because what if he and his partner would break up and he would have to start dating again? How would his ejaculatory problems affect his attitude and his partner? How would it affect his future relationships over time? 

What if he wanted to start a family someday? That would be very hard and expensive if he has ejaculatory problems. 

Most men are embarrassed to even confront it. The fact that you’re here, shows you’re one of the few who were brave enough to help themselves.

The best way to stop the anxiety cycle is to face it right here, right now. 

The Curious Relationship Between Orgasm and Ejaculation

Ejaculation is divided into two stages: emission and ejaculation.


This is the split-second sensation of intense heat, pressure or tremors before the expulsion stage.

Sperm rush from the testes and into the epididymis. It then goes through the vas deferens where the seminal vesicles will add broken-down sugar to the semen production to provide sperm with the energy to travel.

The prostate gland adds more fluid for the sperm’s nutrition as the semen production is collected in the prostatic urethra. 

The bulbourethral gland or Cowper’s gland secretes a mucus to lubricate the penis head as it anticipates the next stage.

How It Affects Orgasm

Semen volume can affect orgasm intensity and duration with the way it passes through the urethra. 

How It Affects Orgasm


Once the semen production is collected in the prostatic urethra, it is propelled out of the penis with the contractions of external and internal urethral sphincters and the muscles at the base of the penis. 

In here, the male experience two phases:

  1. The contractions of the urethral sphincter.
  2. The sensation of semen volume passing through the distended and elongated urethra. 

How It Affects Orgasm

Urethral sphincter contractions are the most reliable proof of orgasm. When these muscles contract they affect an unknown location where ejaculatory pleasure generates.

There are many factors involving orgasm are complex. Semen volume and urethral contractions both affect the subjective range of pleasure felt by men

Have You Tried Everything But Nothing Works?

Perhaps you’re looking for something that would work with your problem. Or you just want to finish like a porn star. (Who wouldn’t?)

Sometimes, the advised treatments don’t work for others. Delay sprays and thick condoms can decrease sexual pleasure. Antidepressants, which is used to delay ejaculation for PE, can reduce sex drive. 

Maybe you’ve even tried sex therapists and pyschologists. But sometimes, the problem isn’t in the mind.  


What if you boost your body (especially your gentleman bits) into their optimal health?

Semenax Pills: How to Finish Like A Porn Star

Johnny Sins, a pornographic actor since 2006, stated that if a man treats his body poorly, the last thing his body will care about is producing high quality semen volume. 

This means, if a man wants more semen volume, they would need to get healthy first. But which particular parts do they need to nourish?

An average male releases is 2-3 ml. It consists of:

Semen Percentage Organ
46-80% fluids Seminal Vesicles
13-33% fluids Prostate Gland
5% fluids Testicles and Epididymis
2-5% fluids Bulbourethral and Urethral Glands

According to a survey of sex therapists, “adequate” sex lasts 3-7 minutes

If you or your partner yearns for a more intense finish and intercourse that lasts longer, then the health of your organs, including the muscles at work in coming, needs to come first. 

So how do you amp your reproductive health?

Natural Optimization of Male Sexual Health

Every active ingredient is added to rev up sperm volume and intensify orgasmic control. The secret to these two factors is better blood flow

With more blood flowing in your gentlemanly bits, more hormones and nutrition are delivered to your testes where sperm is produced. More hormones and nutrition are delivered to your penis for better erections and neuromuscular control. 

Orgasms would be intensified, lasting longer with the rush of high semen pooling in your gut before filling up your partner to their satisfaction.

Semenax Pills Ingredients

Semenax IngredientsBenefits
Swedish Flower PollenPromotes prostate cell metabolism and regeneration, keeping the prostate healthy for quality semen where sperm could live longer and be more mobile
Studies Show That…
In a 2008 clinical trial, it is found that 320 mg of bee pollen extract can significantly decrease symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH)
Cranberry ExtractAntioxidants and antibacterial benefits fight age-related cell damage and infection particularly in the urinary tract health.
The urethra, the passageway of urine and semen, is kept healthy and in good condition.
Studies Show That…
In 2001, researchers have found that cranberry juice and cranberry extract tablets greatly reduced the number of 150 women having at least one symptomatic UTI in 12 months.
MacaHigh in carbohydrates, nutrition and bioactive plant compounds that amps up energy and libido.
Goitrogens nourishes the thyroid gland which releases hormones for quality sperm, healthy libido and more rigid erections.
Studies Show That…
In a 2008 study, it is found that Maca root of 3 grams a day alleviates SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction in patients.
Epimedium Sagittatum Also known as Horny Goat Weed.
Its active ingredient, icariin, improves blood flow in the penis for harder erections and great sexual performance.
Fights fatigue for better orgasmic control.
Studies Show That…
According to a 2013 Study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, purified extract of Horny Goat Weed improved erectile function in rats through penile vasodilation and pelvic ganglia nerve growth.
Zinc AspartateIts antioxidant quality acts as a hormone balancer for testosterone and prostate.
Skyrockets libido.
Maintains healthy lining of reproductive organs for healthy sperm production.
Studies Show That…
In a 2007 study, researchers have found a seminal plasma zinc concentration is correlated to sperm count -affecting successful implantation, conception and pregnancy outcome.
Pumpkin SeedHigh antioxidant content amplifies testosterone levels.
Rich zinc levels improves sperm.
Helps keep prostate healthy for quality semen.
Studies Show That…
In 2013, a study concluded that a dietary intake of pumpkin seed oil and vitamin E can combat male infertility caused by cancer, infection, inflammation or diabetes.
SarsaparillaIncreases the bioavailability and nutrient absorption of other ingredients.
Studies Show That…
A 2015 study found that Sarsaparilla inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
Avena Sativa ExtractIncreases nitric oxide production which helps with improved penile blood flow.
Improves heart health with its unique group of antioxidants called avenanthramides.
Studies Show That…
Wild green oat extract supplementation has been known to improve vasodilation in systemic and cerebral arteries in a 2013 study, suggesting its potential role in cardiovascular health maintenance.
Muira PuamaUsed as an adaptogen, a substance to increase body resistance to chronic stress -keeping your organs high in function.
Increases libido.
Helps ED.
Studies Show That…
In a 1990 study, 51% of men suffering from ED reported significant improvement after taking 1-2.5 grams of muira puama extract a day for 2 weeks. While 62% with loss of desire reported significant increase of libido.
Pine Bark ExtractIncreases nitric oxide levels in the body for vasodilation in and around the male reproductive system.
Improves libido.
Helps ED.
Studies Show That…
In a 2010 random controlled trial, researchers found that a formula of pine bark extract and L-arginine aspartate effects significant improvement on men with moderate ED.
Hawthorn BerryLoaded with antioxidants for optimal cell repair.
Reduces chronic inflammation that results in cancers.
Studies Show That…
Based on a 2008 study, Hawthorne are found to be physiologically active in keeping human blood vessel cells healthy.
Vitamin ESlows down processes that damages cells. Betters pregnancy rates for men with infertility problems.
Improves physical sexual performance and muscle strength, particularly in older people.
Studies Show That…
A 1995 clinical trial has shown that 600 mg of Vitamin E significantly improves sperm quality by three months.
CatuabaIts active component, Catuabines, improves mood and prevents insufficient blood flow to the brain.
A known aphrodisiac to help fight fatigue, ED and low libido.
Studies Show That…
Effects similar to antidepressant is similar to both test mice and rats upon taking Catuaba was found on a 2005 study.
Butea SuperbaUsed to fight ED by stimulating circulation.
Balances testosterone levels.
Studies Show That…
In a 2003 study, 82.4% of patients with ED noticed significant improvement with no apparent toxicity.
Tribulus TerrestrisIncreases gonadotropins and lowers blood sugar.
Improves libido and sexual satisfaction.
Raises testosterone levels.
Studies Show That…
It was found in 2017 that 40 and 50 mg of Tribulus Terrestris enhances sperm quality.
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Semenax Pills has amino acids that are building blocks of proteins and hormones that your body needs in order to function. Semenax ingredients also consists of:

Amino Acids and AntioxidantsBenefits
L-Arginine HCLTurns into nitric oxide and helps build protein in the body.
L-CarnitineAssists in producing energy for muscle movement, heart function and many other processes by synthesizing fat.
L-LysineLowers anxiety by blocking stress response receptors.

Semenax Pills: Clinically Proven to Intensify Orgasm and Semen Volume

Clinically Proven to Intensify Orgasm and Semen Volume

In a randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled study, a high number of patients resulted in 20% more ejaculate volume after taking 4 Semenax pills twice a day for two months. Patients taking Semenax also reported higher orgasm intensity than the placebo group. 

If you’re not yet entirely convinced, you can check out the Semenax reviews of awed, satisfied users of Semenax Pills. Happy reports of making their girlfriends happy. Seeing a huge difference after a couple of days of Semenax Pills use. One Semenax review even stated that climaxing was the greatest feeling they ever had. Yeah, right?

How Much to Take?


A bottle of Semenax Pills contains 120 capsules each. Semenax Pills gel capsules allows faster absorption than a coated tablet. Semenax pills can be taken once a day daily with food for 3 months. Semenax Pills can also be taken 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules with dinner everyday for 2 months. 

Difference can be felt in 2-3 weeks with greater libido and higher climax. Remember, as Semenax Pills is a supplement, it will take time for your reproductive health to be optimized. 

Does Semenax Pills have any Side Effects?

There is no need for awkward questions to the doctor since Semenax Pills is a supplement. However, it is advised to check if you have allergies to any of the Semenax Pills ingredients. Semenax Pills has natural herbs and plant extracts, but it will always have a side effect depending on the person.  

Swedish flower pollen, maca root, cranberry extracts, epimedium sagittatum, pumpkin seeds, sarsaparilla, avena sativa extract, pine bark extract, hawthorn berry, vitamin E and zinc aspartate are safe for a majority of people. That is why they can say in majority that it is safe to use. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are precautioned on taking catuaba, butea superba and muira puama.

No “Awkward” Moments

When you order Semenax, it will be sent to you in plain packaging with discreet shipping. Semenax Pills transaction will not even be mentioned in your bank statement. Even your partner will have no idea that you ordered Semenax Pills. 

If, for some reason, you’re not happy with the product, you can send back the empty bottle within 67 days to get your money back. 

Come Up a Storm and Leave Your Partner Full with Semenax Pills

Come Up a Storm and Leave Your Partner Full

We got the science between ejaculation and orgasm down pat. We know what it would take to make our “boys” healthy – Semenax Pills. Clinical trials had confirmed what past Semenax Pills users have experienced: Semenax works. Let your romps last longer with Semenax Pills. Expel thicker, fertile semen volume into your partner to complete her climax after a long round of making her see stars. 

With Semenax Pills, you can say goodbye to ejaculatory problems and the problems that would plague you in the future. All it takes is to make the decision today. Get your Semenax Pills now. Try it now and see the difference with Semenax Pills.


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